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Orangery and tent rental Pierre Vandamme
Superb interior of an Orangery for rent in Belgium The Pierre Vandamme team at your service Orangery and terrace for rent in Belgium An Orangery and its terrace for rent in Belgium

Awning Tent Square or Hexagonal

Pure and graceful line of the canvas, the marquise tent is practical, original and modular.

A pointed roof, a pure and graceful line, the Marquise is a very popular tent for any type of original event. Easy to assemble and lightweight, the Marquise is as practical as it is user-friendly.

The Canopies can be linked together to form numerous configurations. Square or hexagonal, they can be combined endlessly to create reception spaces from 9m2 to 400m2.

We also have decorative elements: tables, chairs, high tables, candlesticks, braziers, fire pits, light cubes, parasols, screens.


  1. Upgraded floor.
  2. Carpet/film-wrapped rug, color of your choice.
  3. Camouflage of subfloor structures.
  4. Tight or pleated roof velum (draping).
  5. Lighting.
  6. Heating.
  7. Sanitary facilities.
  8. Dance floor.
  9. Connection airlock.
  10. Technical permanence.
  11. Path.